Friday, February 3, 2017

Candidate: World record for longest-duration illustration

This goose-goose mashup was started in the late eighties, likely because of my love and fascination with bush planes (I grew up in Alaska, and flew regularly on beavers, otters, 185s, cubs, champs, and even a twin-Beech on floats). I cannot remember what it was for (a book project?), but from a technique persepctive, it looks like I laid the background and big color swaths with airbrush and then went over it with pencil. The finishing touches are kind of obvious - I had to do the beak, cheek, engine, and props in Photoshop (which I tried to do in as few strokes as possible, but that ended up looking weird because of the ragged tooth of the paper. I kind of solved that by rubber-stamping the tooth into those areas, and then brushing with lighten/darken to let the grain come through). Anyway, a couple decades from start to finish :D

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